The tale of the Adrenaline Kings begins in the spring of 2002 with the convergence of guitarist Matthias Schneider and drummer Florian Hartl, two experienced musicians dedicated to hard rock – “80s-style.”

A native of the Great State of Maine, the 27-year-old Austro-American axeman moved to Vienna in the winter of 2001 with the goal of establishing the ultimate rock band – right here in the heart of Europe. Immersing himself in the Viennese music scene, he soon realized the Austrian capital was the ideal place to form a hard rock band and began to put together a project with two talented local musicians. Just when he thought he had found “his” band, however, Matthias one day received a call from a drummer whose opinions on music mirrored his own. The drummer’s name was Florian Hartl. The two quickly arranged to meet, and were pleased to discover that they possessed practically identical taste in rock and roll, as well as a remarkably similar musical vision. Just a few days later, they met at a local rehearsal room, where Matthias showed Florian some of the songs he had been working on. After jamming for only a few minutes, the two musicians could already clearly see that the chemistry was there – and the Adrenaline Kings were born.